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Congratulations to the 2014 Maine Moose Lottery winners!

Are you looking for a camp or cabin to rent in northern Maine during the annual Maine moose hunt? A Maine moose hunting lodge to stay at? Why not consider a guided moose hunt with Smoldering Lake Outfitters?

During the fall, Dave Conley of Canoe the Wild works for David Hentosh of  Smoldering Lake Outfitters, Bridgewater Maine guiding moose hunts in Zones 1,2,3,4.5 & 6.

Above are pictures of moose hunts during the 2013 season in northern Maine from our remote outpost camps with a high success rate on bulls over 50 inches. We utilize calling, and spot & stock techniques to give you the best opportunity at trophy bulls. Outpost camps are located in northern Maine Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) 1,2,4, & 5, are drive to sites where you can hunt close to dirt roads, get off the beaten path on foot or by canoe on flowages and remote waterways. We can quarter and pack out your animal if necessary. The Smoldering Lake Team made up of dedicated Maine moose hunting guides are committed to making your moose hunting experience the best one possible!

2014 Maine Moose Hunting Seasons

September 22-27, October 13-18, November 3-8

For the 2012 season, the overall success rate for the “traditional” Wildlife Management Districts further to the north had an overall success rate of 82%. Every year, several moose exceed 1,000 lbs. dressed weight. Trophy racks are not uncommon. The rutting season is a great time to be in the woods as moose are most active and responsive to the call.

Contact me for more information about our Maine moose hunting packages from our outpost camps and the lodge in Bridgewater, Maine. Tel 207-448-2743, Cell 207-551-8729, Email

What a fantastic time we had in remote Maine hunting zones this 2013 season! A three day photo hunt produced exciting photo opportunities for amateur photographer Richard Maxcy. When it came to the hunt, Richard Bator shot a nice 54.5″ trophy bull moose with a muzzle loader. This moose had to be called into close range as Richard had health issues that prevented him from getting in the woods on foot. We were persistent and patient. What a thrill to call this moose from 160 yards out to within 50 yards!

Here is what Richard had to say “Maine, the way life should be. My two sons and I travel to Maine from NJ since the early 1990’s. Ron harvested two bulls, in 1998 and 2006. First with a bow and then a muzzleloader. Jon harvested a cow with a shotgun in 2002. I never drew a tag but always applied, year after year………… In 2013, it was my turn. I drew a bull tag. The three of us headed up to Smoldering Lake Outfitters for the hunt. Once there, our guide Dave Conley led us to an outpost camp. We arrived to a log cabin on a lake during the changing seasons. What a great way to experience zone 2 in the Northern Maine Wilderness. After all these years of applying for the permit, the trips with my sons, I wanted a record book moose. The first day of the hunt went well. I saw so many moose but they weren’t what I was looking for. On the second day I had that feeling all of us get when we know we’re going to get one. Three hours into the hunt we spotted a big one. Dave started calling. Ron readied the range finder. Jon, muzzleloader in hand and I was set. The moose headed off into a thicket. While we were looking for a shot, Ron spotted a second moose. Then he drew our attention to it. The bull’s enormous rack glistened in the sun as it drew into Dave’s cow call. The bull swung his rack back and forth, wow, what a sight. At 50 yds, he turned broadside. Three shots later he was down, field dressed and back to camp. As I look back on it, it was a trip of a lifetime, my sons, Maine, the outfitters and the record bull. Maine, the way life should be. The bull ranks 20th all time muzzleloader in Maine Skull & Antler!” Richard Bator, NJ

Kirk Sherman’s moose hunt involved many miles on foot with a map and compass to spot, stalk and call his moose. Kirk spotted numerous moose in the upper 40″ range and took a long shot on a large bull on Monday. In the end, it was the team approach that paid off with a large bull spotted resulting in a spot, and stalk, reading the situation correctly and setting up for the shot. His bull measured 55.5″ inches. Maine has increased the number of permits for remote Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) 5,2,1 & 4. Visit my website for more information, links to pictures, and how to apply on line for the 2015 season at