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Maine moose hunting September 2018 season in WMD 1 with Adam and his father in law Kevin. It’s 24 degrees opening morning and nothing is coming to the moose call. Reading the situation right and getting in on a paired up cow resulted in a fine trophy moose for Adam. With over 97% success rate on 30+ moose hunts, Dave Conley, moose hunting guide and outfitter of Canoe the Wild offers guided Maine moose hunts from comfortable remote camps located in Wildlife Management Districts 1,2,4, 5 & 11 in prime moose country. 2019 moose hunts are $4500.00 for you and your sub-permittee including meals, guide, private outfitter tent, transportation while on the hunt, quartering and removing your moose from the woods (game bags provided), caping your moose for a shoulder or European mount.


Pre season scouting paid off during the October, 2014 hunt. Sydney along with her sister Olivia and Uncle Bill took part in a WMD 3 moose hunt.  After carefully scoping out the chopping on the way in, we set up and did a little cow calling. Within a few minutes a 40″ bull entered the chopping from the west which we past on. Shortly after it left the chopping,  a 50″ trophy bull showed up from the same direction.  Ten minutes later a nice 100 yard shot presented itself, Sydney made a nice shot and her hunt was over but the work which involved quartering and packing out the moose. While calling worked for us on Monday morning, things shut down rather quickly that week as the rut was all but over. More information about moose hunting in Maine and Maine Guide Dave Conley.