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100 participate in Adventure Race under Sunny Skies!


Saturday, May 13th marked the 13th annual East Grand Adventure Race, held the 2nd Saturday of May every spring in Danforth, ME. This year’s course featured all the events racers have come to expect and more: a mile-long compass run, followed by a 10-mile bike ride, and ending with an 8-mile canoe and kayak race. Many exciting challenges took place between the biking and paddling legs including the familiar mud pit crawl and log rolling in Baskahegan Stream. New challenges included a paintball challenge, scaling wall, partially submerged 29’ culvert to crawl through and an environmental challenge where racers had to identify evergreen tree samples. The new family division opened up the race to parents and adult mentors taking part with younger children which included all elements except the biking portion.

Orono High school students along with numerous adults were well represented at the event with the high school boys team of Kellen Doyle & Ben Allan-Rahill not only winning their division, but the race overall with a course time of 2:28:02 before time deductions. Kellen also won the door prize, a new Vapor kayak, paddle and life jacket donated by Old Town Canoe.

Perhaps the biggest personal accomplishments of the day came from race participant Jill Plummer, a teacher at East Grand School, losing 100 LBs and getting into shape in preparation for the race. After helping out with last year’s race, Jill set a personal goal of getting in shape, losing the weight and taking part as a race participant this year. Jill achieved that goal while taking part on the relay team of Tammi Matula, Danlen Espenscheid and Erika Napoli and was all smiles the whole time!

Ben Randall of Sabattus set a record in the 34 mile Baskahegan Stream separate canoe & kayak race with a time of 4:33:47. In second place was the four person team of Terry Wescott, Chip Loring, Ander Thebaud and Bob Hesser narrowly winning by only 13 seconds over the four person team of Marc Ranco, Justi Wardwell, Bill Deighan and Eve Dana. River Robertson came in 4th place with a time of 4:58:53

Up Next, Now that Dave Conley of Canoe the Wild  has finished overseeing the adventure race for another season, the focus has shifted to upcoming canoes trips this spring and summer in Maine on the St. Croix and Allagash Rivers. Contact Dave to discuss joining up on a trip or bringing your group.


Adventure Racing is a great way to get young people, teens and adults outside and learn new skills such as using a compass, mountian biking and paddling a canoe or kayak.  East Grand Outdoor Education Teens also have to opportunity to assist on Canoe the Wild canoe trips on Maine’s Allagash, St. Croix and Penobscot rivers and select rivers in Canada. Over 70 take part in the 10th annual East Grand Adventure Race and Baskahegan Stream canoe in Danforth Maine Saturday, May 9th. The 18+ mile course included a 1.4 mile compass run, 9 miles of mountain biking, 8 miles of paddling and several challenges along the way including log rolling, tomahawk throwing, two person cross cut saw, and a mud crawl. Winners of the High School boys division and overall winners were East Grand’s Philip Farley & Peter Apgar with a course time of 2:03:18 after calculating time off for completing challenges. East Grand’s Physical Education teacher Tammi Matula had several middle school students on her relay team doing the compass run and biking while Judy Crone and Rene Crone paddled. Other local winners include the father and son team of Eric and Thomas Gilman taking first place in the Jr/Sr division, Sam Plummer and Sarah Stoddard 1st place in the High School Mixed Division and Logan Crone and Andy VeNess in the men’s division. Orono High school had several teams in the race including several adult teams. The separate 34 mile Baskahegan Stream Canoe Race which started in Kossuth off of route 6 and ended in Bancroft north of Danforth was won by the four person team of Chip Loring, Terry Wescott, Ander Thebaud and Bob Hessler completing the race in 5:05:10. Many thanks to the 50+ volunteers who made this event possible and to SunEdison, Machias Savings Bank, Woodie Wheaton Land Trust and Ski Rack Sports for helping to sponsor this event. Full results and pictures are available on the school’s website by visiting


Four new campsites have been completed along 33 miles of stream between the White Farm Road in Kossuth to Bancroft. Ten East Grand students and three adults volunteered their time to build these new campsites. This is the third season of work being done on the waterway. During the fall of 2011, boat loads of trash were removed from eight Baskahegan Lake campsites. During the summer of 2012, eight lake campsites were upgraded with new picnic tables, signs, outboxes and improved fire pits. Summer long maintenance was done on these sites and at the landing in Brookton. This summer (2013) four new campsites where completed on the Baskahegan Stream. These campsites are on private property owned by the Baskahegan Company of Brookton, open to the public providing fire permits are obtained prior to building camp fires and users leave the campsite cleaner then they found them. Local East Grand students have gained an appreciation for the waters and lands in their ‘back yard’ and learned the importance of taking proper care of these campsites as they have take ownership in this project. These new campsites and maintenance were made possible by  grants from First Wind and funding allocated through the Washington County Unorganized Territories Grant Fund for economic development which was set up by the Washington County Government, First Wind and the State of Maine. For more information about these campsites, contact project coordinator Dave Conley of at 207-551-8729, email